I’m originally from Chicago but have lived in Wisconsin, Seattle, and now Southern California which has become my favorite thus far. I’ve been passionate about my fitness my whole life. I was a competitive figure skater starting at a very young age. In high school, I played softball, tennis, and was on the dance cheer team. As an adult, I became addicted to sprint triathlons which inevitably led me into doing 1/2 marathons and a 1/2 Ironman. I also became an avid road biker and completed the Seattle to Portland 206 mile race in one day. After training for 4+ hours a day for so long I completely lost my passion, focus, and motivation. Right about this time, Crossfit was just beginning to become popular and I decided to give it a try despite feeling like it was a program designed for only elite athletes. If I could achieve all of my fitness goals in one hour a day instead of four, then why not right? After my first class I was absolutely hooked. That feeling of accomplishment that you get after completing a workout you didn’t think possible is a unique feeling that you come to crave daily.  To me, Crossfit is about pushing yourself farther than you can imagine, while being surrounded by a community that supports you. Nutrition is also very important to me and I believe it’s the key to a healthy body and top personal performance.  I’m a firm believer in tracking your nutrition as diligently as tracking your progress against your workout goals.

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